Friday, 6 May 2011

Duck Race

Out and About

I love Hebden Bridge. The place has such a lovely arty feel to it. So many gorgeous shops and crafty treasures. The town itself is so pretty with a lovely canal, park and a river running through the middle of it winding underneath a sweet little bridge. We've been a few times but this time we were there with a purpose. It was the annual Duck Race! We purchased our tickets early and so had plenty of time to look round the town and browse the many shops.This is a little glimpse at one of my favourites. It is situated in the Hebden Bridge Mill.

It is jam packed with clothes, furniture, vintage linens and household items.

I especially like this kitchenette and if I weren't counting my pennies, I would have been seriously tempted to buy it!
We found an amazing tea shop but I'm going to save that for another time as it's worthy of it's own little post. Also in town were street artists and a jazz band which all added to the wonderful atmosphere.

After lunch, we headed over to get a spot ready for the main event. The suspense was nearly too much to bear. The Town Crier commentated whilst 7,000 plastic ducks were launched into the river. (There doesn't look to be so many on the photos but the stream of ducks went on and on.)

Sadly we didn't win this time but there's always another year. Have a wonderful weekend whatever your weather and I'll see you on Monday x

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  1. Love this post! We spent Easter in Hebden a few years ago, though sadly missed the duck race. It's such a great town to mooch around - we've been there a few times and it always makes us think of you, with all the lovely crafts and antique shops everywhere!


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