Friday, 24 January 2014

Lotty Adventures

Hello to anyone who is still interested in reading my little blog after all this time. I am still alive despite not posting for an age. My health and personal circumstances meant I needed time out. Apologies for dropping off the face of the planet for a couple of years. Whilst things have changed considerably for me, I am still happily plodding on in with my dreams and goals. Still loving textiles, still trying little forays into the good life and still wishing I was living in the country. I miss having this little space to document the minutiae of my everyday life. So I am back.

I would like to share with you a few little things I have been up to over the past months.

One of the major changes since I last posted is that I now have a wonderful little allotment to call my own. Complete with shed and fruit cage. I know this was really a textile blog but for the time being I'm also going to use it to post my adventures on ' the lotty.' I was very blessed to be offered an allotment which has been very well cared for and I was even able to harvest the end of last years produce without having put in the work (felt a little guilty - but soon got over it!)

It is next to a field and I often have sheep watching me work! The lotty looks a little different now. I have made some more substantial raised beds with the help of my lovely brother and everything was put to bed for Winter. There are some garlic shoots growing but not much else yet.There has been some storm damage to some of my frames but nothing too drastic. My seed potatoes should be here soon and I have ordered a mountain of veg seeds. So as they say - 'watch this space!'

The second exciting thing I have to share is that I won a lovely green Eglu Go on Ebay which I am going to collect this weekend. For those of you not in the know, an Eglo is a rather groovy looking chicken house. Not old and wooden and very expensive normally so I was extremely chuffed to find one selling at a good price quite close to where I live. I am being sensible and waiting until Spring to purchase the three chickens I am dreaming of adopting and have already got names for!!

I make no apologies for my change in direction -  it is all part of the same wonderful life I am living and I hope it will be of some interest to a few people out there! As I said, I will be recording my progress with the allotment and with textiles side by side from now on. Maybe one day I will separate the two but for now it is easier to write about both in one place. What better way to do that, than to show you the lovely new material I ordered to make curtains for my shed. (Excuse the shadow)
Isn't it scrumptious and so perfect for an allotment shed?

In my next post I'll be giving a little catch up as to what I've been up to textile wise! See you again soon x

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