Wednesday, 20 July 2011


 It seems I haven't written as much about textiles of late. This is partly due to the fact that I am being drawn outside so much by the dry and warm weather rather that being curled up in my favourite spot knitting or sewing. These little jaunts out have been providing me with inspiration for new ideas to be translated into designs for textile work. I have been loving my local river walk and was again surprised by how stunningly beautiful wild flowers are.

I was captivated by the obvious sculptural design of these flowers, the multitude of textures and array of purple shades against the green backdrop. They make me want to interpret them in a new way -attempting to reflect some of that beauty.

 The butterflies were all out this evening too and were only too happy to pose for photographs.

 I stood and watched these delicate creatures for quite a while, looking carefully at their individual markings.

 There is so much inspiration to be found if only we have the time and the eyes to see it. xx

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