Monday, 18 July 2011

Tea Time

In an earlier post, I waxed lyrical about the wonders of Hebden Bridge and promised a little post about the amazing tea shop we found there. Above is an example of the beautiful cup of tea which you can have made for you personally from a vast array of varieties. I am partial to a non caffeinated tea and I opted for a tea I've never had before called elephant tea. It came with huge pieces of dried banana and coconut and unusually for a non caf. tea tasted as good as it smelt! It was served as you can see in a delicate silk bag and diffused for several minutes before drinking.

What is so lovely about this tea shop is the fact that it only has one table, so you are guaranteed personal service! We were able to learn lots about the different varieties and they also served some pretty yummy cakes to go with the tea.

It is well worth a visit if you are anywhere near Hebden Bridge. You can also get some lovely gifts there for tea drinking connoisseurs.

Lots of teapots, strainers, Chinese tea sets and the like. It is definitely one of the best little tea shops I've been in but when I say little I'm not exaggerating! x

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  1. This looks so lovely! What a find. I love that it only has one table.Is it new in Hebden? I remember having such a great time visiting when we were living up north. Mister Keith must have been beside himself :)


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