Sunday, 8 June 2014

Hello again - I hope you're enjoying some of the lovely sunshine we've been having.These beautiful flowers appeared on the blackberry bushes at the lotty last week and surprised me with how lovely they are. The middles look almost like little stitches - so pretty and delicate. Actually lots of beautiful flowers are appearing on my plot. I will share more with you about the lotty in a minute, but first,  I want to introduce you properly to my girls as promised in the last post.

Firstly there is Pearl - she is the boss, cheeky, very nosy and top of the tree as far as my three go.She's very confident and eats out of my hand. If one of them is going to give me the run around it's Pearl. She's already gone walk about once and when it's bedtime she's the one that jumps on the coop and won't go to bed!! Here's a better picture of her. She's got a fancy collar as you can see. 

Dorcas is the friendliest one. She's fairly docile and was also the first to lay an egg.

Then there is little Ruby (On the left of the photo)  who was quite nervous when I got her but is coming out of her shell, so to speak! She gets picked on by Pearl. She's not laid an egg yet and I think she's the youngest.

I got some rings in different colours to put round their legs so I could tell them apart but within half an hour, I could tell who was who, as they have such different personalities!!
They arrived less than a fortnight ago and I can't imagine being without them now. They have laid a total of ten eggs so far which is not bad going since only 2 are laying yet.

The pleasure they give me far outweighs the cost of setting up. They have a fox proof pen, an eglu to sleep in and they are really easy to look after.

  Now, for anyone who's interested I am going to give you an update on my lotty itself. There's quite a lot to show you as June is a serious growing month and everything is starting to romp away.

The majority of planting is now done

The broad beans are flowering nicely

I planted a little herb garden

Parsnips, beetroot and radishes

Early potatoes in bags

Second early spuds and maincrop behind

Strawberries starting to ripen 

Lettuces coming along

The garlic is nearly ready 

Shallots growing well and 
splitting into lots of bulbs

All the fruit bushes are going great guns now

Masses of tayberries awaiting ripening

The onions seem to be growing ok
Carrots ready for thinning out 

Kale perking up a little now

Cherry toms in their hanging baskets

Two of the 12 larger variety tomato plants

Sweetcorn ready to be planted out tomorrow (I ran out of time today!)

There are also two squash plants, two courgette plants, sugar snap peas,  leeks and swedes under netting which don't make for great photos!
So there you are - thats the lotty round up. Its a steep learning curve but its really good fun. I would recommend it to anyone! x

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