Sunday, 27 July 2014

Everyday is a mini Harvest Festival

Hello again. I hardly know where to start today. SO much has grown, been harvested and been eaten since I last wrote.We have had to buy a chest freezer to keep up with everything. Also the girls are now laying an egg a day each.

Here are a few highlights.....

Firstly the early and second early potatoes were delicious - they have been divided up between friends and family. They have been eaten and enjoyed and also some have been mashed and frozen to enjoy later.They were different colour and taste and the Charlottes were yummily yellow and creamy.

The broad beans just keep on coming and the radishes were also very tasty but I wish I'd grown more.

The strawberries, tayberries, raspberries and blackberries have been eaten, juiced, frozen etc.

I also made some lovely raspberry jam which had to have a cake to go with it!!;)

The courgettes are going strong and I have already made savoury muffins for the girls at work and the courgette loaf below. Especially tasty with some soft cheese. I stuffed a large courgette with mince, homegrown onions and garlic and topped with cheese and herby breadcrumbs and it made a scrumptious Sunday lunch!

The onions were amazing - huge and really tasty. Cooked, froze, gave some away and dried some for storing. The shallots were also successful and I've found a recipe for courgette and shallot chutney which I'll be trying out.

The Autumn planted garlic was great but the spring planted weren't very big (will stick to Autumn planting in future) We've had some fresh and strung lots up to dry out for later use.

The spring onions are lovely - really strong tasting.

The sweetcorn is now growing well, the carrots appear to be doing what they should be and the leeks, swedes, Kale and squash are all looking healthy. Not so sure about the parsnips yet. This was one I accidentally uncovered !! I dread to think what shape they'll be by November :)

The beetroot were tiny but have been boiled and pickled. The little gem lettuces were good and crunchy and I'm going to plant some more. The tomatoes are turning red and taste very sweet. The sugar snap peas are delicious and keep on coming.

There's quite alot of space on the plot now ready for winter veg. Just need the time to sow more in between all the picking, cooking, pickling, freezing, baking etc.

I feel so pleased with my first yrs produce - I honestly didn't think it would go so well or be so much fun.

Hope you're enjoying the Summer where you are xxx

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