Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Just an ordinary day

Today was a busy day at work so I was glad when I finally got to the lotty at 5pm and three little faces were there to greet me. There was lots of enthusiastic clucking and curiosity regarding my camera. Sadly my camera doesn't cope very well with close ups especially when the subject is trying to peck the lens!!

I did my usual chores which are - sorting the girls out with food and water, collecting the eggs, watering any plants in pots, picking some bits and pieces for tea and checking on the crops. The sweetcorn seem to be coming on well now.

Then I decided to see how my main-crop potatoes were. A couple of weeks ago the plants succumbed to blight (quite common in main-crops but I was disappointed as I specifically chose a resistant variety) Anyway, I took the advice given frequently, to cut all the foliage down to the ground but leave the potatoes in for a couple more weeks. Today I dug some up to see whether they would be of any usable size or not. Fortunately they are :) They aren't the prettiest potatoes and their skins aren't brilliant but there are plenty of them and they are a reasonable size. I don't think they would be the best for storing so I intend to make lots of potato based food and freeze them. That is, the ones we don't eat this week!

 The allotment is a really friendly place and I have met some lovely people. One of the loveliest and kindest people is B who gave me this wonderful bunch of sweet peas. I wish I could have a 'smellyblog' right now so you could have a sniff - their fragrance totally fills the room.

Tea tonight was a ham and veggie omelet courtesy of the girls. It is so satisfying to eat my (and their!) own produce and it's starting to reduce our food bill considerably now. After tea there was time to watch 'Love your Garden'. For anyone who doesn't know - Alan Titchmarsh and his team, makeover the garden of a family who have had a very hard time and who are incredibly deserving. It is often very moving and is guaranteed to make my mum cry! Whilst I watched I enjoyed one of my favorite pursuits. Since the weather changed I felt the urge to get back to knitting and am enjoying trying out some new stitches. I will probably end up making a throw. I love doing squares as I can watch TV, not get too lost on my pattern and they give quick results. If you don't knit I really recommend you find someone to teach you. It is relatively cheap and once you can do the basics becomes very relaxing. I love it although I still struggle to knit socks. (Its on my list of things to accomplish this year)

I hope you're having a good week and that you are taking some time out to do what you enjoy too.


  1. I love those pics of the girls! Such personality x

  2. They really are so funny - wish you could meet them!! x


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