Thursday, 21 August 2014

1940's Weekend

As promised here is a glimpse of the lovely 1940's weekend in my home town last weekend. There were lots of people dressed as WW2 soldiers and nurses and a living camp with lots of people staying on site in authentic tents. There were others who looked very glamorous in their 1940's outfits.

There was a vintage fair and memorabilia of all kinds. 

There were even people demonstrating household tasks from the 40's.

There were also lots of vintage vehicles on display......

and even a Spitfire....

Unfortunately it was very cold and wet so I spent quite some time in the tea shop! I also had a look around the town and a few of the shops had made an effort to join in. The local hospice shop made a great job of it.

They were also offering a free sherry to their customers so that helped to keep me warm :))

All in all it was a good day. The only thing I was disappointed about was the tent where the dancing and the 40s fashion show was held was way too small and lots of us couldn't get in. I love the 40's music and was sad I couldn't watch the dancing. Never mind.... there's always next year.


  1. This looks such fun! Did you get dressed up? I especially love the cats, gorgeous. X

    1. Thanks Millay - yes it was good fun but I didn't dress up this year. It was soooo cold I was glad I hadn't worn a pretty 40s dress! Did you mean hats?? I didn't see any cats :))

  2. Haha I meant cars - that's what typing a comment on two hours sleep will do for you lol! X

  3. Of course - I should have figured that one out! Sorry about your sleep deprivation xx


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