Saturday, 9 August 2014

I love Saturdays

Saturdays are wonderful. I love waking up knowing I can do anything I would like to and that there are no specific demands on my time. Today is one of those days. I woke up quite early and decided to get up rather than stay in bed and read which I normally do. The weather was stormy and I felt like bread making so I made up a batch of dough and put it on to rise.

Then I picked tomatoes and fed the plants.I checked on the peppers and chillis which are doing well now.

Next  I put Minnie out into her run - Minnie is my very well loved bunny!

 I weighed my courgettes to see if I had enough to make chutney tomorrow and then the dough was ready to be 'knocked back'.

Whilst waiting for the dough to rise a second time I enjoyed browsing a few blogs and making a list of other things I want to try. On the list are soap making and knitting a cable cushion cover amongst many other things. The bread went in the oven and we had some potato salad and tomatoes for lunch. The maincrop potatoes were ok in the end and make lovely roast potatoes so I will be having some for Sunday lunch tomorrow. They aren't the best for salads though and needed plenty of seasoning.

With the bread baked, I went off to the lotty for a couple of hours. The girls had a little free range and I caught them rummaging around in the parsnips!!

Whilst they made mischief around the plot, I painted a small area of the inside of my shed to see if emulsion would be ok to use. (The man at B and Q thought it would!) but it's going to need a few coats I think.

I harvested the last broad beans, some more sugar snaps,some lettuce leaves, some raspberries, a few carrots that looked reasonably big and collected the eggs. Only two today - Ruby didn't lay one today. 

My allotment neighbors grow artichokes and I had no idea how beautiful they look when they flower. Aren't they gorgeous vegetables? I've never tasted one so I don't know if they're are as nice to eat as they are to look at.  I took the photo (at the top of this post) then it was back home for tea. I had planned to have an omelet but didn't fancy it and plumped for a slice of bread and homemade raspberry jam instead! Yummy .....

The evening was spent knitting, relaxing and watching the proper Star Wars! (ep 4)  What a lovely Saturday. Hope you had a good day too. What have you been up to?? x


  1. Sorry if you're having problems commenting - I am trying to rectify this!! I really want to hear from you xx

    1. Enjoyed your blog. Good photos too! Catherine x

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I love catching up on all your impressive endeavours! Beautiful artichoke flower. And you have a bunny! So cute xx

  3. Thanks for commenting Millay.It's nice to know there are some readers out there!! I've had Minnie a few months now. She has grown so much (she was teeny when I first got her!) xxx

  4. My day off is today and I've been knitting too. Just cast on 2 at a time toe up socks...I like a challenge, lol. x

    1. Lovely to hear from you Fiona - thanks for leaving me a comment. Good luck with your knitting. It's the one good thing about this unseasonal weather we're having - it's such a good excuse for curling up with a new project !! x


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