Friday, 25 March 2011

Heskin Hall

Our latest trip out and about was to Heskin Hall near Chorley in Lancashire. It is a place full of contradictions. A beautiful old hall alongside a modern build- a contemporary art gallery and a plethora of antiques – period meets present-day.
         Initially, I was disappointed as we entered the modern building first. There were about twenty different retail units but there were less makers/crafters and more repro gifts than I imagined there would be and I was hoping it would have more character. There is a little permanent farmers market and a tea room with a wood burning stove, but for me, it just lacks something. We had a little browse round and then decided to check out the Hall itself. We walked a few yards down a path and were met by the stunning, grade 1 listed manor house. It was well worth a visit after all. Inside it is in need of a little TLC but if restored to its former glory it would be wonderful.

Each of its rooms are crammed with antiques and vintage ephemera for sale. So much so that it sadly takes away a little from the beauty of the hall. Still, there were some good finds to be had if you looked carefully enough. I fell in love with this little chap. He looked like he needed to be hugged and given a good home but his £110 price tag meant he was out of my league! Doesn’t he look forlorn? Oh well, I guess he’ll have to wait a little longer to be rescued.

This cash register also caught my eye and Mr K was very taken with a beautiful vintage child’s bicycle. (He has quite a penchant for bicycles especially vintage ones and we have two in our lounge at the moment!!) I would have been quite happy to take this one home but I think we need a suitable house first – it would look out of place in our modern home.

I dread to think what we’ll be like if we ever get our Victorian dream house. For now we appease ourselves by buying lots of lovely old books. I love them – the smell of them, the history they bring with them and the character they give to a room.
As well as my growing collection of home management books, Mr K has bought me several old craft books which I adore. They take me back to another time and they are precious to me. Through them, I feel somehow connected to the women who have owned them before me.

 This weekend  we won't be visiting any halls or vintage fairs as I am going on the first day of a two part course in Manchester to learn to sew a skirt. I am quite nervous as sewing is pretty new to me and I will be using a machine I’m not used to. Wish me luck and I’ll be back on Monday to let you know how it’s gone. Enjoy your weekend however you are spending it. xx


  1. hiya- just popped over to say thanks for your lovely comment, and so sorry you won't be able to come to the fair- what do you mean its too far!!

    Have enjoyed reading your blog, its lovely!

    I don't like dairy and quite happily make pastry with olive-oil spread (Sainsburys own nothing posh) instead of butter and it always comes out fine. Often if you stand the dish on a baking tray to bake, the underside cooks through better- well that's in the Rayburn but it prob works the same in a standard oven?

    Hope to chat agin, have a lovely weekend

  2. OOh lovely - I like getting tips and they're great ones. Thanks for taking the time to pop in. xx


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