Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Homely Matters - Pancakes and Perusing.

Hello again. Hope you had a very tasty pancake day. We managed a couple each and I have just finished the rest of the batter for breakfast. Yummy!
According to this website, which is a mine of information on celebrations and festivals, the tradition in the West Midlands used to be, to give the first pancake to the hens as this was meant to ensure their fertility.
Sadly we have no hens yet, so our first one went to Mr K with apple and ice cream, followed swiftly by mine with syrup and lemon.

This week, I am being inspired by a wonderful little book I spotted in a second hand book shop last Saturday (photo)
It is full of household tips, advice on economizing, homemade remedies and recipes, all dated between 1900- 1920.
I had a lovely afternoon perusing its delights including this little treasure that I want to share with you. If you know any men or indeed women who are losing their hair please pass this on… but then keep your distance because I’m not sure that they will smell so sweet after using this remedy.

To arrest falling hair.

1 1/2 pennyworth of rum             20 drops paraffin oil
1 oz beef marrow                        ½ penny of white wax
2 pennyworth castor oil               ¼ cup rosemary

Mix all together, rub in well for 1/4 hr with a flannel. Alternatively rub the scalp with onion juice several times a week.
(Let me know if you try it!)

1 comment:

  1. Yikes that's an amazing cure for falling hair! Like you say if any one tried it they must have smelled terrible :)


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