Saturday, 12 March 2011

Out and About - Vintage Winners

Last weekend Mr K, our lovely friend Emma and I went to a vintage and craft fair held at the Continental Pub in Preston. There were the usual collection of the vintage (and not so vintage) clothing, bags, shoes and jewellery and a couple of little stalls selling handmade soaps, loose tea and herbs.
One of the stalls was being run by a couple of girls who have just opened a new shop in Preston on March 10th called 'Wonderland' which promises carefully sourced vintage clothing and general wonderment! They were more than happy for me to photograph them and their stall and as you can see they look quite the part.

There was lots of lovely browsing, oooing and aaah-ing but not much spending and then suddenly the major highlight of the outing occurred. Mr K won top prize in the raffle. He won a staggering £25 worth of vouchers to spend at the fair. Sadly for Mr K (and rather happily for me) the fair was quite female orientated and there wasn’t anything he wanted to buy. So I had to step in and help relieve him of the burden of spending the said vouchers. What a hardship! Below is a photo of my gorgeous purchases – namely a beautiful bag (Dottie angel style), 3 wonderfully fragranced bars of homemade soap and a splendid little bag of happiness tea which I had sampled before the raffle excitement but not got round to buying. Not accustomed to winning anything and usually quite careful with my money at these events, I went away a very happy bunny.
 I hope you have a glorious weekend and I will see you here next week to tell you all about mine.

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  1. oooh you lucky lady! And what beautiful purchases, well chosen. Especially love the bag :)


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