Friday, 1 April 2011

Anyone for Dirty Carrots?

Out and about at Hoghton Towers.

Don't you just love a good farmers market? I do, especially when it's set somewhere rather special like Hoghton Towers. We didn't go in the hall this time but plan on going back as it was so beautiful. Hoghton Tower is a grade one listed building which was originally built in 1109 and rebuilt in 1565. It has had many distinguished guests including King James 1st, William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens.
On this occasion we were there for the market and to look around the grounds. For a farmers market it was a good size. There were all the stalls you would hope for - several selling local meat, locally grown fruit and veg, jams and chutneys, homemade soaps etc. I treated myself to some lovely meringues and some gluten free chirizo. The vegetable stall had plenty of choice including 'dirty carrots' at the same price as ordinary carrots!! Presumably they attract people like me who would like to grow their own but aren't able to. They are the next best thing I suppose.

Anyway I couldn't resist a lovely string of onions to hang in the kitchen. They look so wonderful and are so very handy to have in. I especially love red onion gravy with my sausage and mash!

After stocking up on a few supplies we had a quick look round the grounds although the weather wasn't so great. (As you can see on the photo at the top - not the best day for taking pictures) We had worked up a healthy appetite by now, so we headed off to a local country pub for lunch and sat by this lovely roaring fire reading our latest magazines. A perfect end to the trip.

This weekend I go for part two of my sewing a skirt course and will be back on Monday to show and tell. Thank you for stopping by. Have a lovely weekend xx


  1. So beautiful! This post really made me wistful. I don't usually waste the time it takes to envy someone else's life, but I sure would have liked to be along with you on this outing!

  2. If you lived a little nearer Bethany I would invite you along next time :) Anyway what would you want with a farmers market when you can grow your own? You'll have a string of onions in no time!x


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