Friday, 8 April 2011

Cuerden Hall

Out and About

This is the face that greets you when you visit Cuerden Hall. I think He’s wonderful. You could miss him too if you weren’t looking up!  So glad I was.

It seems that Mr K and I are developing a new custom of visiting local farmers markets and old halls on Sundays and this one was another fine example. Cuerden Hall is currently used by The Sue Ryder Charity so we couldn't go inside but it is very interesting to look at from the grounds.

The gardens were all bursting into bloom too which made for a particularly enjoyable afternoon stroll.

Impressively the market itself had over fifty stalls and some of them were quite unusual. This carpentry stall caught our eye. The wooden flowers were amazing and we couldn’t resist buying some of the giant coloured pencils.

Mr K had a hog roast and I had a burger for breakfast (mmm.. healthy!) and we stopped to look at some of the birds of prey which had been brought to display.

As well as all of that, I managed to pick up some curtains for a pittance in a barn sale which was also in the grounds of the hall. They will make some nice cushion covers, a bag or even a skirt! What a great place.

As always – enjoy your weekend whether you are out and about enjoying Spring or relaxing at home. I intend to do a bit of both xx See you soon

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  1. That looks like a fab day out! Glad you got your hands on some fab fabric too.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Kandi x


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