Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Start of Something New

Homely Matters

Like everyone else in the UK I have been enjoying the unusually warm weather lately and haven't felt like doing much baking. So instead I have battled through my crochet frustration and today I managed a granny square at long last. In no small part, this is thanks to Kandi of kandipandi encouraging me along the way. Once again I am soooo pleased to have finally mastered this. I have to admit that this granny is humungus in size as I crochetted it on a massive hook so I could see properly where the holes are to crochet into!! But as you can see it is a distinct improvement on previous efforts. It needs a little neatening and some down sizing but I think I've cracked it. Onwards and upwards - now I can try all sorts of yummy colour combinations.

My wool and my 5 double pointed needles arrived ready for me to attempt some sock knitting. It's lovely wool - it looks pinkish on the photo but is actually lilac and really soft. I think this project will be taking a back seat to my crochet for a while though as I don't feel quite so much like knitting snuggly socks in this weather. The five needles are a little daunting too!

I've also just recieved a lovely parcel of Merino wool tops from Wingham Wool which has inspired me to make some pre-felts ready for a new project. I have been in love with felting for about a year and a half now and it still amazes me how it felts with just water, soap and elbow grease. I'll be talking more about felting in my 'talking textiles' post next Monday if you're interested. Don't you just love getting new goodies? Even if you've had to part with hard earned cash to get them, they still feel like presents!! There is nothing quite like the start of a new project.


  1. Oh my word you did fantastic!!!!!! I just knew you could do it, you now have a lifetime of blankets and cushions at your fingertips!
    Kandi xx

  2. Thanks Kandi, have sent you an e'mail re. the crochet flower pattern xx

  3. congrats on your first granny square, it's lovely! my first attempts at crochet were hilarious, so bad they were funny! thanks for visiting and your lovely comments, hope you enjoy the apple cake, it really is good!


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