Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Window Sill Produce

Homely Matters

We have no garden and no outside space to call our own but what we do have are four very large window sills, two of which get plenty of sun in the summer time. Last year I grew peppers and chillies for the first time. They were quite successful. 

That is more than I can say for the tomato plants which grew very tall, took over a little too much and produced zilch! Not quite sure why. There’s probably a perfectly simple explanation but I have no clue and before you ask - yes I did feed them with tomato food! So this year I’m having another go at planting. I’m going to try lots of herbs – and a few other things. I was thinking of trying some lettuce but I’m not sure what a good variety is to grow on a window sill. Any advice?

In November last year, I was given a lovely unusual chilli plant by my brother who said the seeds had come from South America and that the chillies are extremely hot.  It has been looking very sorry for itself. The leaves seemed to be wilting and I didn’t think it was going to make it but it has surprised me with some new baby chillies, which I’m very pleased about. I quite fancy making chilli jam this year if I get enough.

 I know we are only very small scale gardeners but it's still very satisfying to eat some of our own produce. If you have done any window sill gardening please let me know of your successes.

To those of you who who are lucky enough to have gardens, I hope you are making the most of them! xx

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  1. I grew things for the first time last summer, tomato and courgette, I was so excited when they produced, even made tomato chutney and gave it as gifts for xmas in pretty jars. Good luck with tommys this year. xx


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