Monday, 11 April 2011

Crochet is My Frustration

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Sadly this is not one I crocheted earlier! This is one I found at a charity shop and I love it. I can knit a tea cosy, I can felt a seamless bag, I can bake a cake, I can make handmade paper, I can cook a meal from scratch, I can even spin a skein of wool (well kind of) but I cannot crochet a granny square. No matter how many times I try- it just isn’t happening. I’ve watch endless utube videos, followed  attic24's wonderful tutorial/pattern and even went on a day course but I just can’t get it. It’s starting to really annoy me now. My squares are not square and I can’t seem to identify the right holes to stitch into. Don't laugh!

Somebody please tell me that I can master this. Someone out there please give me hope. I long for a perfectly crocheted square – not a blanket or even a cushion cover, just a little baby square! I can do the stitches on their own – chain, single, double and treble crochet but it all goes to pot when I try and make that square and I’m not even thinking about changing colours yet.  Help! It really shouldn’t be this hard – should it?

I wish I had lots of my own lovely crochet photos to show you but this is real life and the truth is I just don’t, but when I do, you will be the first to know. In the meantime I shall share with you my knitting project instead! Here is the finished tea cosy which I promised I would show you.

Anyone for tea? x


  1. Bless, I was the same as you this time last year. In September whilst on holiday I taught myself to crochet. It's not mega hard honest, you have to make loads of mistakes but just keep ripping it back and start again (I did this lots!).
    Perhaps have your instructions written down and keep a pencil by you and mark off what you have done as you are doing it. From your photo it looks to me like you are just doing too many chains in the wrong places, hence the extra corner middle left. If you get a youtube video up and follow it slowly and don't jump ahead you will get it honest! Don't give up though, you are nearly there!
    p.s your tea cosy is beautiful!!
    Kandi x

  2. Hi Kandi- thanks for both your comments - it's lovely to hear from you. Especially thank you for the crochet advice. You have spurred me on to give it another go and I will let you know when I master it. I will watch where I put my chains in future! X Rebecca

  3. I knew you could do it!!! I'll find you an easy pattern for a flower and I'll scan it in and email it to you. Well done, looking forward to seeing it.
    Kandi x


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