Monday, 4 April 2011

Saturday's Sewing part 2

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Well I did it – I finished my skirt. I did have a little help along the way but I can honestly say I achieved my aim to make a garment.

As some of you will know I have been on a two part sewing course to make a skirt.
In this weeks lesson I learnt how to make a waistband and attach it (this was actually the hardest part of the project for me as the waistband was smaller than the top of the skirt and needed manipulating somewhat whilst sewing it on.) I found that I ended up having too much skirt material bunching together in one area and I had to unpick my stitches to smooth it out. Not sure how I’ll get on when I make one completely on my own. To finish the waist band we had to under sew just underneath the band, which was also a little tricky but I managed it by going very slowly.

We learnt how to do a button hole – not much to learn actually as the machine had an automatic buttonhole function which made light work of it. My machine is not quite so fancy so will take a little more effort.

After the buttonhole and sewing on the button, we just had the hem to do. I was sure it would be wobbly but it came out quite well.

So there you are. Skirt number one finished. I am inordinately proud of this achievement! I love it but now I need to buy a pretty top to go with it!

Not satisfied with one summer skirt I have been fabric hunting again. I was perusing at the charity shop last week when I came across a wonderful bargain - two duvets covers which look unused. They are both 100% cotton and were from Marks and Spencers originally. They have different patterns on each side which means four options to choose from and they were only £3.00 each. Can’t beat that really now can you? Here is a peek at my favourite.

I already have another skirt cut out and hope to do some more sewing whilst it’s fresh in my mind.
If you have never made anything I would encourage you to book on a course as it’s so much fun and you get something no one else has at the end of it. x


  1. Very pretty!

    Congratulations on your skirt. I just love sewing, and it's nice to see someone have so much fun learning.

  2. well done. I really want to learn. where did you go for your course?

  3. oh i love it! what pretty fabric; can't wait to see you wearing it xx

  4. Thank you all for your comments. Clare - I went to a course at Fred Aldous in Manchester run by the Ministry of Craft. I'm sure there'll be one nearer to you though. Hope you find one x


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